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Restaurant La Topia

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Some examples of dishes

We work with fresh products, so the menu changes regularly...

Some suggestions: Veal chop, Squid stuffed with Chorizo, Ceviche, Pig, etc...

Specialities of Menton
(panisses, tourte, barba juan and stuffed vegetable)
19.5 €
The terrine of the chef 9.5 €
Confit of aubergines with mozzarella, tomato, garlic and basilic 15 €
Warn goat's cheese and reblochon in breadcrumbs and honey on bed of salad 15.5 €
Chard ravioli with tomato and garlic 15.5 €
Classic beef tartare 18.5 €
Chef's special tartare
(dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, pine nuts and roquette salad)
20.5 €
Daube of beef and chard ravioli 19.5 €
Individual rib of beef 33 €
Plancha poulpes et légumes grillés 26 €
Beef steak and pepper sauce 18.5 €
Beef fillet and pepper sauce 27.5 €
Doll and supion in stew red wine 19.5 €
Lamb cutlets with mustard and rosemary 21 €
King prawns with garlic and parsley 24.5 €
Fish of the day 25 €
Children's menu
Nuggets or chop steak French fries and icecream
9.5 €

Dishes are garnished with homemade gratin ratatouille or French fries...

Entrecôte au poivre flambée au cognacWarn goat's cheese and reblochonCôtes agneaux à la moutarde et au romarin½ chickenFish of the dayDaube of beef and chard ravioli Duck magret
La Topia
9 avenue Blasco Ibanez
06500 Menton
Tél. : 04 93 57 76 93